Am single but am ready for Love


I want a man. I need to find me a man. I need to get married. I want to have children. I am ready for love! I don’t care what anybody says, I am old enough to get married. I have been single for so long, it is time for me to get a man. I’ve seen it, and if she can do it, why can’t I? Tell me why?

Wow! That is a mouthful. Have you met these women? Or men? The ones who are relentless, won’t stop telling any Tom, Dick or Harry who wants to hear that they want to get married… That they are tired of playing games, and they want to settle down. Every time they meet one of your friends, family or acquaintances they ask to be « introduced » and go about a series of serial dates. The minute they are in a actual relationship they are already forecasting the picket fences and the family SUV.

 There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing you are ready and preparing yourself to get married. In fact, I applaud these people; they are courageous if you ask me.

 However, *because there is always a but with me* when it becomes an uncontrollable obsession, I say STOP.

 How can you be objective about your choices when all that is in your head is « I want to get married ». You probably stress yourself silly into a fit trying to find the right person, and perhaps even the wrong person becomes right to you.  Because you see signs everywhere and you think that every relationship will work. You jump in and out of potential relationships and you lose a little bit of yourself every single time. You forget to regroup and analyse and then you fall into the same patterns, over and over and over again.

 A lot of times, Single people who are ready tend to get enthralled with the idea of being IN the marriage and forget what is to be in one. They turn what it could be into an ideal executable only in their heads. What does it take to be ready, and do we ever really know if we are actually ready?

 Women tend to fall into patterns because their friends are doing the same things. They want to have babies because they are tired of baby sitting, they want to be the bride and not always the bridesmaid. They want what they see others having. Naked truth, when do we know that we are ready? Is there a switch?

Nina Mayers.
Twitter: @ninamayerstruth

Bio: Am Nina Mayers and I think ‘lies’ have clothes. Let’s get undressed.


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